Year: 2015 | Month: September | Volume 8 | Issue 3

Association Studies for Yield and its components in Green Gram



Twenty three genotypes of green gram were studied for genetic variability, correlation and path analysis for eight economically important traits. The genotypes viz. SG1, MH 709, ML 1278, Pant M 4, SG 21-5, OGG 56, CGG 973, ML 1354 and RVSM 11 were found promising for seed yield per plant. In general, PCV were higher than the corresponding GCV values for all the characters, suggesting the infl uence of environment in the expression of these traits. The broad sense heritability were high for plant height followed by 100-seed weight, pod length, seed yield per plant, days to fl owering, seeds per pod, days to maturity, pod fi lling percentage and pods per plant . Seeds per pod, 100 seed weight, pods per plant, pod fi lling percentage and pod length showed signifi cant positive correlations with seed yield per plant both at phenotypic and genotypic levels. Path analysis revealed that seeds per pod had the maximum direct eff ect on seed yield followed by 100 seed weight, pod fi lling percentage and pods per plant. Therefore, main emphasis should be given on these traits during phenotypic selection for developing high yielding genotypes of green gram.

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