Year: 2015 | Month: September | Volume 8 | Issue 3

Chemical profile and amino acids composition of edible mushroom



Study was conducted to evaluate the functional properties of popularly cultivated mushrooms viz., white bu on mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) and oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus pulmonarius. Both types of mushroom exhibited high moisture, crude protein and amino acid content. The Pleurotus and Agaricus mushrooms contained 3.26% and 1.78% soluble protein, respectively. Further, the qualitative amino acid analysis revealed these proteins to be rich source of essential amino acids. A total of 17 amino acids were qualitatively identifi ed in the fresh samples of both types of mushrooms. The Thin Layer Chromatography separation of amino acids showed that all the nine essential amino acid were present
in Agaricus bisporus whereas, only five are present in Pleurotus pulmonarius. Hence, the supplementation of these mushrooms with cereal diet can help to overcome essential amino acids defi ciency and reduce the post-harvest losses of this high value perishable crop

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