Year: 2013 | Month: December | Volume 6 | Issue 4

Identification of Oats (Avena sativa L.) Cultivars by Seed and Seedling Protein Electrophoresis

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Abstract: <div>Soluble proteins were extracted from seed and seedlings of eleven oats cultivars to analyze the protein profile through SDS PAGE</div><div>method. In seed protein electrophoresis totally 14 bands were observed, in these six bands were common to all cultivars. Based on the seed protein banding pattern two of these cultivars were differentiated easily. The unique band at Rf value 0.151 was common for all cultivars, but it was absent in cv. UPO 94. Similarly the band at Rf value 0.662 was present in all cultivars but it was absent in cv. Sabzar. In seedling protein electrophoresis totally nine bands were observed, four bands at Rf value 0.370, 0.524, 0.543 and 0.855 were common for all cultivars. The presence of band at Rf value 0.340 was common in all cultivars, it was absent in UPO 94 and the band at Rf value 0.641 was absent in all cultivars it was present in cv. Sabzar. In both seed and seedling protein cv. Sabzar and UPO 94 expressed the discernible banding pattern when compared to others. The other cultivars are differentiated</div><div>based on the total numbers of bands, banding pattern, intensity of bands, specific presence or absence of bands.</div>

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