Year: 2016 | Month: December | Volume 9 | Issue 6

Study on Scope of Roof Top Water Harvesting for Recharging Ground Water for Combating Excess Ground Water Withdrawal for Rice Cultivation in the District of Nadia in West Bengal

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Investigation was conducted for all the blocks in the district of Nadia, West Bengal to estimate the over exploitation of ground water and to examine the possibility of mitigation of it through artificial ground water recharge. There were approximately 1.16 × 109 m3 irrigation water requirement except monsoon month (June to September) for rice cultivation. The estimated ground water recharge was found approximately 0.82 × 109 m3. Thus, approximately 0.34 × 109 m3 of ground water was found over exploited every year if irrigation demands entirely satisfied through ground water. This 0.34 × 109 m3 of overexploitation could be mitigated if approximately 3.88 × 108 m2 roof top water harvesting structure along with the recharge facilities were created. The estimated cost for this purpose was approximately ` 666.488 billion. The creation of this facility may also contribute to large extent in domestic water supply along with the improvement of arsenic contaminated ground water of this district.

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