Year: 2016 | Month: December | Volume 9 | Issue 6

Assessment of SSR Specific Genetic Diversity for Fertility Restorer Gene (rf1) Among Various Sorghum (Sorghum bicolour (L.) Moench) Genotypes

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The present study was carried out to evaluate the genetic variations for fertility restorer gene among various sorghum (Sorghum bicolour (L.) Moench) genotypes by SSR analysis. The experiment was conducted in UG Plant Biotechnology Lab of the Deptt. of Genetics and Plant Breeding, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar (U.S. Nagar). A total of five SSR primers were used for the estimation of allelic diversity in thirty sorghum genotypes consisting, ten male sterile lines (female), ten maintainer lines and ten pollinator (male) lines. All primers were found to be polymorphic for all sorghum genotypes with polymorphism ranged from 80% (Xtxp250 and TS304T) to 100% (Drenshsbm 95 and TS050). Among all 34 alleles, the number of alleles per locus varied from 5 (Xtxp250 and TS050) to 10 (TS304T), with average of 6.8 alleles per locus. The PIC for all 5 primers varied from 0.45 (Drenshsbm 95) to 0.88 (TS304T), with a mean of 0.70. The genetic similarity (GS) was varied from 0.70 to 1.0 for all genotypes. Dendrogram revealed that male sterile lines ICSA264, SP55609A, ICSA702, 32A2 and ICSA293 showed more genetic diversity (30%) with restorers UPC2, HC260 and M35-1 and these combinations can be used as heterotic parents in improvement breeding program of sorghum.

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