Year: 2017 | Month: August | Volume 10 | Issue 4

Heterosis Studies for Yield and Yield Component Characters in Maize (Zea mays L.)

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21 F1s obtained by crossing seven inbred lines in diallel fashion (without reciprocals) over parents and standard check were evaluated for grain yield and its component characters to study the heterosis over better parent and standard check. Thirteen crosses registered significant positive heterosis over both mid and better parents for grain yield per plant. The crosses, DHK-12-2002 × DHK-12-2036, DHK-12-2002 × DHK-12-2035 and DHK-12-2003 × DHK-12-2068, recorded highest significant relative heterosis and heterobeltiosis for grain yield per plant. The cross, DHK-12-2003 × DHK-12-2068, registered significant positive heterosis over standard check (DHM 117) for grain yield per plant indicating that the cross may be exploited for commercial release.

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