Year: 2014 | Month: June | Volume 7 | Issue 2

Emerging Agribusiness Enterprises: the Need for Food Safety Policy in Nigeria

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Quality standards are usually related to improving the safety of food products suitable for consumption in accordance to specifications by food regulatory bodies. This study noted that although steps have been taken in Nigeria to address an aspect of food security (increasing food production to prevent hunger) in the issue of food safety, another aspect of food security, received only little attention. Findings of this study revealed that Educational level and amount of assets owned by respondents have direct relationships with their awareness about the need for food safety regulations. The number of years spent in school also influenced the ease of adoption of technological innovations associated with food safety regulations. The negative signs of X1 and X4 (age and years of experience) means due to lack of education of most of the respondents, even as they continue growing older and stay longer in business they may not see the need to spend additional money on safety measures as it does not have much meaning to them 

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