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Year: 2020 | Month: September | Volume 13 | Issue 3

Morphometric Analysis and Prioritization of Sub Watersheds of Umar Nala Watershed, Madhya Pradesh Using Geospatial Technique

Snehil Dubey J. Himanshu Rao Deepak Patle


Morphometric analysis and thereby prioritization of watersheds have gained significant importance in land and water resources management. In this study an attempt has been made to prioritize sub-watersheds based on morphometric analysis using geospatial techniques in Umar Nala watershed of Narsinghpur district, of Madhya Pradesh. Morphometric parameters, considered for the present study are stream frequency (Sf), drainage density (Dd), texture ratio (T), elongation ratio (Re), circulatory ratio (Rc), form factor (Rf), bifurcation ratio (Rb) and relief ratio (Rh). These parameters were estimated for each sub-watershed then ranks were assigned for prioritization of sub-watersheds on the basis of value/relationship to arrive at a computed value for final ranking of the sub-watersheds. On the basis of morphometric parameters determined in GIS environment and then applying standard formulae prioritization among seventeen sub watersheds of Umar Nala, sub watershed no 10 is on top priority among seventeen sub watersheds for further soil and water conservations measures to be taken in the watershed.

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