Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 15 | Issue 4

Conservation of Bolen Springshed, Biological Diversity and Traditional Knowledge under the EB Project Nature Initiative

Topi Basar


The unique initiative undertaken by EB project nature led to revival of Bolen spring in to perennial flow in 2017 which had completely dried up. Soi Village where the project was started gets sufficient potable water throughout the year, community water tank is sufficiently stored, revival of agriculture in abandoned paddy fields. A key outcome has been 27 Ha of spring shed is restored to medium dense forest. Above 100 Ha of forest has been protected from any kind of deforestation activities and 3 sacred grooves at various locations by the project. About 5000 number of native or wild fruit bearing plants and medicinal plants has been conserved at spring shed forest. Above 70 species of native orchids are conserved which includes very rare and threatened species. The EB project nature is one of the central attractions during Basar Confluence Festival of Tourism Department under State Govt. since 2019. People of Soi and Gori village are making handsome income from tourism, homestays, forest trek guides etc. Due to banning of hunting inside the project area various wild animals like barking deer, Asiatic wild dog, Asiatic black bear, wild boar, porcupine and birds such as crested serpent eagle, chestnut breasted partridge etc. have been spotted due to revival of forest and Spring shed.

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  • Soi village is situated at Basar headquarter of Leparada District, Arunachal Pradesh in Eastern Himalaya of India inhabited by Galo tribe. Soi has a population of 357 (as per 2011 census). Soi, Gori and Pagi are adjoining villages.

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