Year: 2014 | Month: December | Volume 7 | Issue 4

Molecular modeling and docking approach to predict the potential interacting partners of AtMAPK3P with the members of bZIP transcription factor family in Arabidopsis



Protein-protein interaction plays key role in predicting the protein function of target protein thus the identification of PPIs is of primary importance. The  in vitro  and  in vivo  methods have their own limitations, thus  in silico  methods which include structure-based approaches were developed. In this research work, we endeavor to identify the downstream interaction partners of (AtMAPK3P) in Arabidopsis thaliana using the docking approach. The results of our study revealed that out of 73 bZIP members of Arabidopsis thaliana 47 members are showing interaction with AtMAPK3P. Elucidation of protein interaction networks also contributes greatly to the analysis of signal transduction pathways. Recent developments along with the results obtained essentially enhance our knowledge of the MAPK interacting protein network and provide a valuable research resource for developing a nearly important link between pathogen-activated MAPK signaling pathways and downstream transcriptional programming.

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