Year: 2014 | Month: December | Volume 7 | Issue 4

Progeny analysis of transgenic rice variety transformed with Glyoxalase I gene



Salinity is one of the major yields limiting factor that limit the worldwide productivity and distribution of cereal crops and the development of genetically engineered plants with enhanced tolerance to salt presents an important tool to increase the productivity. We introduced glyI (glyoxalase I) gene from Brassica Juncea into rice variety PR116 through particle bombardment for salt tolerance. Integration and expression analysis in T0 and T1 generations were confirmed through Polymerase chain reaction and in vitro screening for salt tolerance. In this study we confirmed the integration and expression of gene (glyI) in next two generation (T2, T3) through Polymerase Chain Reaction and methylglyoxal experiment. Expression of glyoxalase I gene was induced by different concentrations of methylglyoxal treatment and most of the transgenic lines were highly tolerant to methylglyoxal and showed high chlorophyll content after 72 h of treatment.

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