Year: 2014 | Month: December | Volume 7 | Issue 4

Identification of prediction model on population build up of Singhiella pallida Singh on Piper betle L. for timely intervention



Whitefly Singhiella pallida Singh is an important pest of betelvine, Piper betle L. infesting the crop throughout the year. The temperature played a crucial role in the population build up of the pest. The moderate temperature falling between 16°C to 20°C was found very much conducive for pest population development. However, relative humidity had a little role in population build up of the pest as compared to temperature. In contrary, rainfall was found detrimental to it. Prajneshu growth model was found to be most suitable non-linear growth model for prediction of the pest population build up. The 48th standard week was identified as the optimum time for intervention through insecticidal application as a prophylactic measures to check the peak pest population; supposed to be attained at the 52nd standard week as evidenced from pattern of population growth.

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