Year: 2014 | Month: June | Volume 7 | Issue 2

Current Trends in Extraction Methodologies for Pesticide Residues in Food Matrices

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Inevitable presence of pesticides in foods demands development of efficient multiresidue methods for risk evaluation. Extraction of pesticide trace contaminants from foodstuffs is a laborious task. Development of reliable sample preparation procedures, characterized by the simplicity of both the operations and the devices involved in analytical process is need of the hour. Effective minimization of sample sizes; and the amount of solvents used in extraction is also a priority. Traditional solvent dedicated approach such as liquid- liquid extraction have been taken over by integrated techniques (SFE, SPE, MSPD) and automated microextraction based methods. Moreover, introduction of solventless techniques
have become a benchmark to so-called “green chemistry”, in analytical perspective. The review accounts upcoming trends and aspects of extraction methodologies, involved in pesticide analysis of food and future prospects in the view of same.

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