Year: 2014 | Month: June | Volume 7 | Issue 2

Adoption of New Agricultural Technology: A Case Study of Buksa Tribal Farmers in Bijnor District, Western Uttar Pradesh, India

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The tribal agriculture is mostly on primitive lines, as evidenced by shifting cultivation, use of indigenous technologies, small size of land holdings and lack of diversification of occupations. The adoption of new agricultural technology in the form of HYV seeds, chemical fertilizers, agro-chemicals, method of cultivation, etc. can improve the production and productivity of agricultural sector leading to improvement in economic condition of the tribal people. Ignorance of the tribal farmers, lack of irrigation facility, poor credit supports, etc. are some of the factors that restrict its spread. The
present study was taken up to delineate the existing problems among the tribal farmers which create hindrance in adoption of new agricultural technology in district Bijnor of Western Uttar Pradesh. For this purpose 72 tribal farmers were selected and interviewed with the help of a questionnaire for collection of data 

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