Year: 2022 | Month: March | Volume 15 | Issue 1

Effects of Various Carbohydrates on the in vitro Pollen Germination of Vinca rosea and Cucumis melo var. utilissimus

Shreya Sharma Preet Manchanda Anudeepthi Marni


Pollen germination is a crucial stage of plant development that significantly depends on the presence of carbohydrates as a primary energy source. In this study, we analysed the differential effects of four sugars (Glucose, Sucrose, Galactose, Fructose) with varying concentrations on the pollen germination of Vinca rosea Linn. and Cucumis melo var. utilissimus Duth and Fuller using Brewbaker and Kwack medium as germination medium and hanging drop method after incubation of an hour. Sucrose and glucose aided the pollen germination but galactose and fructose significantly inhibited the pollen germination of Vinca rosea. In Cucumis melo var. utilissimus, all four types of sugars supported pollen germination. The study suggests that 15% sucrose, for Vinca rosea, and 12% galactose, for Cucumis melo var. utilissimus, depict the highest pollen germination percentage when used in the pollen germination medium.

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  • Among all the carbohydrates with various concentrations used, 15% sucrose in Vinca rosea and 12% galactose in Cucumis melo found to have significant ameliorative effect on in vitro pollen germination.

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