Year: 2022 | Month: March | Volume 15 | Issue 1

Nutraceutical Potential of Sweetened chips Prepared by Gluten-Free Composite Flour

Srishti Agarwal. Ekta Singh Chauhan


Gluten free composite flour based chips was evaluated in this study for their nutritional, phytochemical and antioxidant properties of all ratios. The composite flour is made up of the mix of proso millet flour (PF), adzuki bean flour (AF) and basil seeds flour (BF). The composite flour is prepared in three ratios that are, A being (PF:AF:BF=50:45:5), B being (PF:AF:BF=60:35:5) and C being (PF:AF:BF=70:25:5) respectively. The macronutrients such as moisture, ash, fat, fiber, protein and carbohydrate were analyzed along with the assessment of micronutrients calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc. The result of macronutrient and micronutrient of C ratio were moisture (6.21±0.2), ash (3.9±0.0), protein (12.0±0.0), fat (9.0±0.0), fiber (4.2±0.1) and carbohydrate (69.5±0.1g/100g) respectively. Calcium (218.0±0.1), iron (4.9±0.0), zinc (3.3±0.2) and phosphorus (312.0±0.4 mg/100g) were as follows. The present study was evident the presence of various macro and micro nutrients in gluten free chips. In the developed products, phytochemicals like flavonoids, saponins, tannin, glycocides, alkaloids and steroids are also there. The study revealed that gluten free sweetened chips also possess antioxidant activity. In the A ratio, overall all nutrients are found. It was found by the sensory evaluation of sweetened chips on a 9 point hedonic scale that A ratio was more acceptable than the B and C ratio. Therefore, this product can be suggestive for people suffering from celiac disease and the diseases like hypertension and anemia.

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  • This article focuses on development new and innovative product which has been not developed before.
  • This product is gluten free so can be consumed by people with celiac and non celiac disease.
  • Composite flour that is mix of millet, beans and seeds are used for making this product which make its nutritionally balanced.
  • The product was prepared in three ratios among which A ratio was most acceptable.

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