Year: 2022 | Month: March | Volume 15 | Issue 1

Utilization of Dietary Fibre in Meat Products as Functional Foods

Kuleswan Pame Bilifang Daimary Sanjib Borah


Today nutritional disorders like gut related problems, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer and obesity are a major public health problem worldwide. These are believed to be caused by the rapid change in overall lifestyle due to impact of globalization. Meat consumption and demands for processed meat products is increasing rapidly with the increasing urbanization. Although meat means an important source of nutrients, it is also evident that a great consumption of this source of proteins has also a negative health impact due to its poor fibre content. It has been proclaimed that regular intake of dietary fibre prevents many of the above mentioned diseases. Various fibre rich sources have been attempted in different meat products attributed to their technological and health benefits. Therefore this review reflects the use of various dietary fibre sources in meat products with respect to their functional properties.

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  • Utilization of fibres in meat products.
  • Functional properties of various dietary fibres.
  • Health benefits of dietary fibres.

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