Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 15 | Issue 4

Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Surface Seeding Technology in Wheat

H.P. Singh O.P. Singh P.K. Singh Yash Gautam Jyoti Chaudhary Amit Kumar Singh Anwesha Dey


With the advent of green revolution technology, Rice-wheat cropping system emerged as prominent system in the Indo-Gangetic plains. Conventional agriculture based on mechanized tillage system is responsible for increased crop production but same time deteriorating natural resource base. To address the sustainability issue, conservation agriculture was evolved. Various resource conservation technologies (RCTs) were adopted by the farming community in Indo-Gangetic plains, one of which was surface seeding technology (SST). In Eastern Uttar Pradesh this technology has been economically as well as environmentally beneficial to the farmers in wheat crop. SST-adopters earned net income of ` 30268.18 per hectare in comparison to non-adopters (` 17736.31 per hectare) in the study area. Adoption of SST benefits the environment also as it reduces the carbon emission by 22.46 kg/ha. The major constraint faced by the SST-adopters was inability to use mechanical harvesting for paddy crop which increases the cost of cultivation. The major issue that obstructs the non-adopters from adopting the technology was unsuitability of the soil type. Thus, SST proves to be an economic boon that maintains the sustainability.

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  • The adopters of surface seeding technology earn ` 12531.87 more profit than non-adopters of the same.
  • SST benefits the environment by reducing the carbon emission by 22.46 kg/ha.
  • Resource use efficiency depicts that expenditure on seed is significant for both adopters and non-adopters.
  • Adoption of the technology is majorly hindered by the farmers’ inability to use mechanical harvesting in paddy crop (kharif crop).

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