Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 15 | Issue 4

Effect of Mulching on Growth, Yield and Economics of Strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) under Subtropical Conditions of Uttarakhand

Ankit Semwal Suneeta Singh Pankaj Nautiyal Shivangi Pandey


Present experimental research was conducted during the year 2020-21 in the Horticulture Research Block, Department of Horticulture, School of Agriculture Sciences, SGRR University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India to study the effect of mulching on growth, yield and economics of strawberry. The runners of strawberry cv. Chandler were planted in the first week of November. The experiment was laid out in randomized block design with three treatments and three replications. The treatments were comprised with different mulching materials viz. control as without mulching (T1), straw mulching (T2) and polythene mulching (T3). The various parameters of growth, yield and economics were recorded at 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 DAT and at final harvest. Significant results were obtained for different attributes of growth, yield as well as in terms of economics under black polythene mulching (T3). The black polythene mulching results in maximum number of leaves per plant (26.95), number of flower per plant (24.08), leaf area (955.99 cm2), number of runners per plant (16.00), number of fruits per plant (15.5), fruit weight (15.10 g), total yield per plot (2.82 kg/plot), total yield per hectare (20.34 q/ha) and B:C ratio (1:2.73). From this we can say that black polythene mulching is more suitable for growth and yield attributes of strawberry cultivation.

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  • The black polythene mulch was found to be most effective for influencing various growth parameters of strawberry.
  • The black polyethylene mulch also checks all types of weeds in addition to soil moisture conservation.

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