Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 15 | Issue 4

Scope of Energy Harvesting from Agricultural Biomasses in India

Someshwar Chowdhury Ashish Bhalchandra Deoghare Rakesh Kumar Ghosh Deb Prasad Ray


Agricultural residue constitutes an important part of the larger discussion about the environmental costs of development, covering a range of concerns from green energy harvesting to residual waste management. Research into the potential uses of agricultural waste is aimed at solving two problems at once, viz., waste disposal and the need to create useful products from waste materials. As agricultural turnover increases with each passing year, so does the volume of agricultural residue generation. The use of biomass in recyclable format is the latest adapted method among all. Nutrient recyclability, biogas plants, multiple bioenergy forms are some of the needs of the hour in the sector of biomass energy. The government of India is taking initiatives to promote the use of biomass both in the fields of energy as well as for composite material production. From issuing low-interest loans to providing back-end subsidies, everything is being done at the moment to promote and empower clean-energy startups that aim to contribute to the process of utilizing residual agrowaste for real, tangible profit, both in environmental and monetary terms. The objective of our research has been to accelerate that process through the exploration of new and innovative solutions.

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  • Management of residue–to–product residue (RPR).
  • Cereals have the highest potential in the supply of bioenergy.
  • Contribution of bioenergy to the global energy demand is increasing day by day.
  • Efficacy of biomass in the supply of bioenergy also depends on the technology adapted for energy harnessing.

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