Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 15 | Issue 4

Senile Orchard Management System in Tropical Fruit Production

Ronak Meena S. Senthilkumar S. Manivannan


For orchardists, traders, and scientists alike, the falling productivity of large, thick orchards that are abundant in recent years has become a serious worry. Due to an unsuitable location and climate, intercropping, insufficient nutrient levels, improper planting techniques, the use of unattractive planting materials, the occurrence of pests and diseases, and other biotic and abiotic challenges, orchards age prematurely. The use of rejuvenation technology, which includes top-working, reiterative pruning, and canopy rebuilding to increase production, may be a viable strategy for restoring the health and vigour of the trees and ensuring the profitability of orchards. There are two rejuvenation tenets: (1) Trees have dormant buds that, when they grow back, activate to form new branches and fruiting zones. (2) Branch heading back creates an unbalanced root to shoot ratio which is balanced by the tree by producing more branches. It was discovered that the fundamental reason of the guava’s fall in terms of production and productivity was an overcrowded, ageing orchard planted in an ad hoc fashion that supports lower photosynthetic phenomenon and provides a suitable environment to house pests and illnesses. One of the causes of the low productivity in the mango industry is the vast number of ancient mango orchards that are 30-60 years old and older and have either stopped producing or have experienced a significant reduction in production. Sapota orchards grow senile and produce quality and quantity start to diminish over time as a result of irregular canopy management procedures. Timely broad spectrum fungicide spraying should accompany pruning activities.

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  • Principles of senile orchard management.
  • Senile orchard management in guava.
  • Senile orchard management in mango.
  • Constraints faced by farmers in adoption of new rejuvenation technologies.

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