Year: 2023 | Month: December | Volume 16 | Issue 4

Evaluation of the Nutraceutical Properties of Enriched Bread

Mansi Chaudhary Ridhima Singh Ekta Singh Chauhan and Megha Sharma


Nowadays, people are more concerned with their health and more focused on purchasing products
that boost their bodies’ defenses. Therefore, there has been an increase in interest in the development of
new goods as well as the use of frequently wasted food byproducts. This study explores the formulated
enriched bread with different seeds (melon, pumpkin, sesame). In the first phase, the fortified bread was
made by using different ingredients in four different compositions of seeds (6%, 12%, 18%, and 24%). In
the second phase, the proximate composition (moisture, ash, crude fiber, fat, protein, carbohydrate {CHO},
iron, calcium), antioxidant analysis (vitamin C, DPPH, total phenols), phytochemical screening (alkaloids,
flavonoids, glycosides, phenolic compounds, saponins, tannins, phytosterols), and shelf-life study (pH,
temperature) were done. In the third phase, sensory evaluation was done by a 9-point hedonic scale.
In the fourth phase, the statistical analysis was done by using mean, standard deviation, and One-Way
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The results showed that proximate composition and antinutrient analysis
of variant D was higher. Also, they had a significant difference (p<0.05), except for vitamin C and DPPH.
In phytochemical screening, all phytochemicals are present in all variants. The shelf life is maximum
up to 5-6 days. And according to the sensory evaluation, variant A was more acceptable. In conclusion,
fortifying bread with seeds represents a promising strategy to enhance both the nutritional and sensory
aspects of this staple food, promoting a healthier and more enjoyable dietary option for consumers.

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  • Developing novel and inventive products that have never been produced before is the main topic of this paper.
  • This product is made from seeds, which contributes to its nutritious balance.
  • The product was prepared in four different compositions among which variant A was most acceptable.

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