Amitava Rakshit, PhD (Soil Scientist)
Institute of Agricultural Sciences,
BHU, Varanasi, India,
Scopus Author ID: 8092521000
Orcid Id: 0000-0002-9406-8262
This is a critical juncture of our civilization. With the present vulnerable situation when our existance is being challenged , we have now started feeling the very pertinent fact that nature is a highly interconnected network of life where the energy that is necessary to live is passed from one organism to the next through networks, called food webs, imply an equilibrium that could be disturbed by change resulting from mankind’s uninformed interference. And nature can change, adjust and reclaim all by herself without the hand of man. For Nature, change is a normal thing !! These natural changes can affect the equilibrium and dynamics of ecosystem. But, for us to we amend it either intentionally or in error and which is more commonly destructive. As a matter of fact all anthropogenic interventions can wreak all sorts of havoc in an ecosystem letting Nature take her own course, including the changes that she makes, may not suit some of our desirity, but it is inevitable. So it is high time to refine and prioritize our objectivity to address this critical issue with more comprehensive and orchestrated manner.

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