International Journal of Agriculture Environment and Biotechnology Volume 14 Issue 2 June 2021

  1. Brassinosteroids Application Responses In Fruit Crops – A Review Shashi K. Sharma
  2. Zabo Farming System- A Sustainable Farming based on Traditional Knowledge for Natural Resource Management Practiced by Tribal in Nagaland, India. Nchumthung Murry
  3. Genetics and genomic basis of staygreen trait Harshavardan J. Hilli
  4. Study Of Physical Properties Of Zea Mays In The Development Of Seed Metering Unit Ajay A
  5. Potential Role Of Weed Management On Growth And Productivity Of Pearl Millet-A Review SAGAR LALICHETTI
  6. Weed Dynamics of Hybrid Riceunder the Influence of fertilizer Levels and Weed Management Practices PolaganiNagarjuna
  7. Effect Of Crop Establishment Methods And Nitrogen Management On Growth And Yield Of Rice Polagani Nagarjuna
  8. Yield Gap Analysis for Groundnut through Cluster Front Line Demonstration in South Eastern Ghat Zone of Odisha Himangshu Das
  9. Growth And Yield Of Sweetcorn As Influenced By Zinc Fertilization  Monika Peddapuli 
  10. Study on Profile Characteristics of Self help Group members in Himachal Pradesh Surinder Singh
  11. Post-training knowledge and Attitude assessment of the Women Entrepreneurs towards Mushroom Cultivation- Sonam
  12. Arduino-Based Milk Quality Monitoring System- Sumitra Goswami
  13. Water Supply and Demand for Different Sectors in Bhavani Basin- A.Malaisam
  14. GIS based Spatial Variability Assessment in Flower Crops Grown Soils of Horticultural College and Research Institute, Periyakulam, Tamil Nadu- K.M. Sellamuth
  15. Relative Efficacy Of Different Weed Management Practices On Growth, Yield And Weed Dynamics In Sunflower-Prabhuvineeth Inuganti
  16. Isolation, Characterization Of Salt Tolerant Azotobacter, And Its Potential Role In Promoting Seed Germination Of Indian Mustard Under Salt Stress -Gopakumar Pillai

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